"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."- Voltaire

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Elbert County

Where Reality and real facts are willfully ignored

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We warned you... (Susan) Murphy's Law In Action

Elections are over and I wish that I had learned more about our new assessor before I voted for her. I learned just a few days ago that the property that I purchased in the latter half of 2017 was up for tax sale on Nov. 27, 2018. When I closed the tax $ were put in escrow for payment in 2018..BUT...the deputy assessor (now to be our assessor) NEVER notified the treasurer that the property sold, NEVER sent me the new owner a letter stating taxes were not paid, NEVER sent notification to my lender. WHAT A MESS!!! Where is the accountability of the assessor....NO WHERE. Yes I knew that 2017 taxes needed to be paid in 2018....and they would have if my lender had been sent the tax bill.

So WE THE TAXPAYER'S are stuck with folks that say they serve the taxpayer's but all they do is collect a paycheck. I've spoken with other's in charge and they have no authority over other elected officials and the state won't do anything either. A huge THANK YOU to the Treasurer's office who rectified this I just have to recover the sleep and anxiety I suffered....I tried communicating with the newly elected assessor and her staff....espec. the data analyst and I was treated like a person actually told me "you are stupid' my name is being withheld so I don't have my property value skyrocket in 2019 as a payback for this letter.

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BOCC Meeting - Nov 14, 2018

BOCC Meeting - Oct 24, 2018

Commissioners Had a Town Hall
Oct 18, 2018

Another Lawsuit Against the County

Commissioners ...

Chris Richardson
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Danny Willcox
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Grant Thayer
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