"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."- Voltaire

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BOCC Meeting - Oct 10, 2018

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by William Thomas

Probably because Tim Norton has been told by someone in the Republican Central Committee, he won’t be debating Don Charobee or even appearing with him at a candidate forum.

This is because a candidate forum outside the Party’s control might open Tim Norton to questions that haven’t been carefully vetted beforehand. This is because a candidate forum might reveal something about Tim that would be questionable to voters, or so the Republican logic goes. Better to refuse a joint appearance than face questions.

And Republican candidates have gone to great lengths to avoid any joint appearances. Kelly Dore suddenly scheduled a meet ‘n greet two blocks away from an event that had been posted for two months and Billie Mills suddenly remembered she had a meeting that night; Robert Rowland accused the Pines and Plains Libraries of pandering to Democrats and wouldn’t appear at any of its forums; Larry Ross said he didn’t have the proper schedule; Scott Wills advised his candidates not to go to an event because he feared “violence.”

The last Sheriff’s “debate” that wasn’t exclusively a Republican event took place between Brian Weiss and Bill Frangis. Both men were civil and both men described their visions for County policing. Questions were asked of Frangis about his career in the ATF and his budgeting at the Sheriff’s Office; questions were asked of Weiss about his career in Douglas County and how he would effectively patrol Elbert County.

There was no violence. If the candidates swayed some voters to their side, they swayed them. There was no mad rush for the street afterwards with parades for Frangis or Weiss.

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Come See Commissioners Almost Live

County Commissioners to hold Town Hall Meeting in Agate on October 17th and a second Town Hall Meeting at the Fairgrounds on October 18th...

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Tim Norton’s Big Problem with the Truth

Norton claimed that he had been “exonerated” after being fired... here's the real story!

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What Do Commissioners Dream About

Chris Richardson
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