Taxpayers stuck with a questionable $900,000 interest-free loan?
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Commissioners playing fast and loose with your money
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Please, contact the commissioners and demand that this loan be withdrawn.

Danny Willcox, District 2 Commissioner, Board Chair

Chris Richardson, District 1 Commissioner

Grant Thayer, District 3 Commissioner

The Pines & Plains Library Board President steps up at the BOCC Meeting of 06/28/2018 to speak towards the inaccuracies and bias that the Elbert County BOCC used to make misleading statements in their press release.

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 ---> For the "Facts" rather than the Country's Fractured-Fairy-Tale Version of events... 

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Board of County Commissioners’ Meetings

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BOCC June 13, 2018BOCC May 23, 2018BOCC May 9, 2018