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The World Through the Eyes And Lens of a Photographer

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This is a piece I have been thinking about for a very long time. The initial premise is really quite simple: Once you become a serious photographer, your perspective about almost everything in the world around you is altered. I would go so far as to suggest the world would be a better...

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Mein Fuhrer Richardson

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Recently heard in, around and about Elbert County.......

  • -Current county commissioners were “elected...overwhelmingly” (therefore, does citizen input becomes unnecessary and unsolicited??)
  • -Commissioner appointees to boards, commissions and committees must be “generally reflective of the overall citizenry of the county” (as Kyle Clark on 9News “Next” asked, does this mean they need to “look like or think like the majority in Elbert County?”)
  • -Some county appointees have “exceeded any authority or usefulness.....” (per the judgment of the county commissioners)
  • -Citizens..... “have a right to sue; they do not have a right to serve and sue (the county)”

While these comments (all made in public forums) might sound like a repeat of an unfortunate chapter in past Elbert County commissioner history, these utterances emanated from current County Commissioner Chris Richardson. Had we not so recently suffered through the dysfunction and autocratic behavior of previous county commissioners, our sensitivity to this repetitive pattern of dismissing citizen input might not be so heightened.

Logically, when one political party outnumbers the other by a margin of 4 to 1, it only stands to reason that the prevailing party would succeed “overwhelmingly” at putting their candidates in office. Pat yourself on the back for that accomplishment, Commissioner Richardson. These boastful remarks are not only unnecessary, but also serve to diminish your character.

Interestingly, as a candidate in response to a question about forming a citizen advisory committee , Mr. Richardson stated, “Communication and transparency should be such that citizens can understand the operations and activities of the county. An advisory committee that facilitates such openness is worth supporting.” (Source: Apparently, now that he is an “overwhelmingly elected” commissioner, Richardson’s viewpoint has flipped 180 degrees.

And what exactly do you mean by “generally reflective of the overall citizenry of the county?” Do commissioner appointees to boards, commissions and committees have to share your “vision” for the county? What exactly is your “vision?” It appears that no appointments will be made for anyone who verbalizes a viewpoint that the commissioners judge not to be “reflective of the overall citizenry of the county.” It is important to note that Elbert County is currently 54% Republican, which means that 46% of the county is other than Republican. Is the 46% marginalized because they constitute a minority with perhaps differing viewpoints? A true leader understands the value and benefits of diverse opinions and perspectives.

As to complaining citizens “exceeding their usefulness” on county well as the unconstitutionality of forcing citizens to forgo their right to redress of the government by not allowing them to serve on a county board if they dare to challenge the county legally, as guaranteed by the First Amendment..... heavy-handed governance only perpetuates past commissioners’ practices.

This iron fist does not become you, Commissioner Richardson. 
-Jill Duvall

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Elbert County Commissioners Indemnify Past Actors, Rowland, Ehmann, and Gateley
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EC Commissioners convened a public meeting on December 5, 2017 and voted unanimously to indemnify former Commissioner Robert Rowland, former County Manager Ed Ehmann, and former County Attorney Wade Gateley, in the matter of the lawsuit brought by current CDS Director Kyle Fenner. The indemnification language will be made public in a forthcoming county resolution. Following an Executive Session with Andrew Nathan of Nathan Dumm & Mayer law firm, Commissioners Willcox, Thayer, and Richardson made the decision to retroactively grant indemnity to Rowland, whose term as commissioner expired in January 2017, and to Ehmann and Gateley, who both abruptly resigned their positions with Elbert County earlier this year.

Commissioners also voted unanimously to engage Kline Alvarado Veio P.C. as bond counsel for the Sun Country road paving project that was approved by a majority of Sun Country voters last month.

Curious about Colorado indemnity laws? (CLICK HERE)

-- Susan Shick, Elbert County Resident

SOD Elbert County

Helping to save our water, property rights and western way of life

“Exceeded Their Usefulness”
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All Gone, Goodbye... 

After years of indentured servitude, Patty Sward has decided to give up her useful coming events list/calendar. Thank you, Patty, for your past dedication.